Eugenia salacioides Laws. ex Hutch. & Dalziel

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Scanned files by OCR:EX NATIONAAL HERBARIUM NEDERLAND WAGENINGEN UNIVERSITY BRANCH (WAG) Collected by C C H Jongkind no 6457 (1 d 28 May 2005 With D Kwewon J Kpadeyeah'J Konie' D C Morgan & A K Daniels Myrtaceae Eugema salacloldes Laws ex Hutch & Dalziel Det C C H Jongkind June 2005 LIBERIA GRAND GEDEH east slope of the Putu Hills East Range west of Tiama Town High forest on slope on streambank 5 39 N 8 10 WAlt 200 300m Slender tree 3 5 m high Petals anthers & style white HERBARIUM MUSE/ PAR/SIENSIS Herbier Museum P m lllllllly mu "iiim 04681475

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