Ground ice, geochemistry and soil properties of permafrost in the McMaster river basin, Resolute Bay, Nunavut, 2018

Arctic permafrost has been rapidly degrading in the past decades, releasing nutrients, solutes and water into soils and freshwater ecosystems. Ground ice and its distribution is a fundamental aspect of permafrost systems, and a dominant factor in the response of permafrost soils to thaw. This dataset presents ground ice contents, solute contents and soil properties of permafrost at eight sites in the McMaster river basin near Resolute Bay, Nunavut. Cores were collected at eight sites, chosen for their hydrogeomorphological setting. Site types can be separated into polar deserts (2) and patchy wetlands (6). Patchy wetlands were subdivided in Lake outflow (2), Riverine (1), Snowbank (1), and Groundwater (2) sites. The data shows that wetlands typically contain ice-rich syngenetic permafrost, were ice content is at least 2x the soil porosity, while polar desert sites and deeper layers of epigenetic origin contain ice contents approximating soil porosity values. Ground ice geochemistry could also be segregated into two categories, with a solute-poor, carbonate dominated signature in ice-rich permafrost, and a solute-rich, often briny, sodium and chloride dominated signature in ice-poor areas. This dataset underlines the importance of geomorphological settings and of spatial variations when determining permafrost characteristics and geochemistry in High Arctic environments.

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