Grain size analysis of sediment coring site CRP-2 from the Ross Sea, Antarctica, supplement to: Barrett, Peter J; Anderson, John B (2000): Grain size analysis of samples from CRP-2/2A, Victoria Land Basin, Antarctica. Terra Antartica, 7(3), 373-378

The purpose of this note is to present results of grain size analyses from 118 samples of the CRP-2/2A core using sieve and Sedigraph techniques. The samples were selected to represent the range of facies encountered, and tend to become more widely spaced with depth. Fifteen came from the upper 27 m of Quaternary and Pliocene sediments, 62 from the early Miocene-late Oligocene strata (27 to 307 mbsf), and 41 from the early Oligocene strata beneath (307 to 624 mbsf). The results are intended to provide reference data for lithological descriptions in the core logs (Cape Roberts Science Team, 1999), and to help with facies interpretation. The analytical technique used for determining size frequency of the sand fraction in our samples (sieving) is simple, physical and widely practised for over a century. Thus it provides a useful reference point for analyses produced by other faster and more sophisticated techniques, such as the Malvern laser particle size analysis system (Woolfe et al., 2000), and estimates derived from measurements taken with down-hole logging tools (Bücker, pers. com., 1999).

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