Jeugdcriminaliteit, 1988 Juvenile delinquency in the Netherlands, 1988

Self-reported criminal activities of Dutch youth aged between 12 and 17 and related values and beliefs, opinions and behaviour. Criminal activities: dodging fares of public transport, shoplifting, vandalism, graffiti, bicycle theft, ( threat of ) physical violence, arson, burglary, fencing. Chances of being caught by police for these offences. Perceived seriousness of these and other offences. Smoking behaviour and consumption of alcohol and drugs. Sport activities. Background variables: basic characteristics/ residence/ occupation/employment/ education/ social class

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Creator Junger-Tas, J., Kruissink, M., Ministerie van justitie * Den Haag, Wetenschappelijk onderzoek- en documentatiecentrum, WODC (primary investigator)
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Publication Year 2007
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