Relative contents of foraminifera species in bottom sediments of northern and southern seas, supplement to: Ivanova, Elena V (2006): The Global Thermohaline Paleocirculation. Scientific World, Moscow (original Russian version); Springer Science+Business Media B.V., 2009 (English translation), 320 pp


Correlation of paleoceanographic events in several key regions of the World Ocean: North Atlantic, Antarctic, West Arctic Seas, North Pacific and tropical Indo-Pacific has been carried out for the last 135 ka based on micropaleontological, stable isotope, geochronological (AMS-14C) and other data. It has been shown that the global thermohaline circulation controls remote climatic teleconnections on millennial-scale and partly on centennial-scale, while short-term climate changes are mainly transferred by the atmosphere. The basic information is given about the recent thermohaline circulation and stages of its development during Neogene.

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