Table S5, Abundance of crenarchaeol, bacteriohopanetetrol I (BHT-I), bacteriohopanetetrol II (BHT-II), as well as C5 and C6 heterocyst glycolipids (HGs) in ODP cores at sites 964 and 967


Carbon-normalized abundance of individual bacteriohopanetetrol (BHP) and heterocyst glycolipid (HG) compounds, as well as the relative abundance of BHT-I vs. BHT-II and HG-C5 compounds vs. HG-C6 compounds in ODP cores at sites 964 and 967. Concentration data for BHPs and HGs were generated using ultra high-performance liquid chromatography coupled to triple quadrupole mass spectrometry following Kusch et al. (2018) and Wörmer et al. (2012), respectively.This work was supported by the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation.

The biomarker abundance data is normalized to g TOC. Fractional abundances of BHT-II [fBHT-II = BHT-I/(BHT-I + BHT-II)] and C5 HGs [fHG-C5 = HG-C5/(HG-C5 + HG-C6)] are given.

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