Taku River Tlinget First Nation Traditional Foods Contaminant Monitoring Program

This project was planned to determine contaminant levels in moose and two commonly harvested fish species within Taku River Tlinget Traditional Territory, to determine whether these species remain safe food choices and to provide baseline data to see if contaminant levels are changing over time. Taku River Tlinget First Nation Land Guardians worked with hunters to collect liver, kidney, muscle and tooth samples from 10 moose in the fall of 2018 and also collected 38 fish (arctic grayling, lake trout and lake whitefish) in the summer of 2019 from the Taku River Tlinget Traditional Territory, near Atlin in northern British Columbia. Moose tissue samples were analyzed for a suite of elements using inductively coupled plasma mass spectroscopy. Incisors were used to age the moose using the cementum technique. Contaminant levels in moose from this area were low with the exception of cadmium in kidneys (averaged 92.7 g·g-1dry weight in homogenized kidney). Those concerned about cadmium intake are directed to the current health advice for the Yukon to limit intake of moose kidneys to one kidney/person/year. Fish samples are currently being analyzed for a suite of elements, organochlorine pesticides, per- and poly-fluorinated compounds and polybrominated diphenyl ethers. Otoliths will be used to age the fish. Three workshops with the Taku River Tlinget Land Guardians increased community capacity with respect to contaminants knowledge and skills in processing samples for contaminant analysis. We look forward to communicating the results of this project with community members and using those results to assist in planning efficient and relevant ongoing environmental monitoring in our Traditional Territory.

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