ISAS-15 temperature and salinity gridded fields

The In Situ Analysis System (ISAS) was developed to produce gridded fields of temperature and salinity that preserve as much as possible the time and space sampling capabilities of the Argo network of profiling floats. Since the first global re-analysis performed in 2009, the system has been extended to accommodate all types of vertical profile as well as time series. ISAS gridded fields are entirely based on in-situ measurements. The system aims at monitoring the time evolution of ocean properties for climatological studies and allowing easy computation of climate indices. A careful delayed mode processing of the 2002-2015 dataset has been carried out using version 7 of ISAS and updating the statistics to produce the ISAS-15 analysis.

Additional Info

Field Value
Creator Gaillard, Fabienne;Prigent-mazella, Annaig;Kolodziejczyk, Nicolas
Contact SEANOE
Discipline Oceanography
PublicationYear 2017
Publisher SEANOE
Rights CC-BY
SpatialCoverage -90.0 -180.0 90.0 180.0