Carnegie Commission National Survey of Higher Education: Graduate Study, 1969 Version 1


This study presents data obtained from American graduate students on their social and educational backgrounds, as well as their degree and career plans. Questions probed the respondents' opinions on their institutions and departments, educational policy in general, and broad social and political issues. The 32,963 respondents were weighted to 1,005,834. Demographic variables cover age, sex, race, religion, family income, citizenship, and parents' levels of education and occupations. Graduate students at American institutions of higher education. The higher education institutions were selected by the American Council on Education using the stratified probability method. The institutions sample was representative of all types of American colleges and universities, two- and four-year, public and private. The units were stratified by institutional type, enrollment, and per-student expenditure. Finally, the respondents to this study were drawn through random sampling from the fall lists of graduate students at the selected institutions.

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Creator Trow, Martin, et al.
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Publication Year 1984
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