Obergurgl, AT, subnival_LR, soil temp, MeanMinMax, 2011-2014

Dataset contains subnival soil temperatures (°C) measured in 10 cm soil depth in three different subnival plots in Obergurgl, Austria. Data Logger: TidBit v2TempLogger onsetcomp.com Soil temperature was calculated in Mean temperature, mean daily Maximum and mean daily Minimum temperatures. Subnival locations: 1. Liebener Rippe, 2830 m a.s.l., pioneer stage, sparse vegetation 2. Liebener Rippe, 2790 m a.s.l., Elynetum, alpine grassland 3. Glacier foreland, moraine 2009, 2490 m a.s.l., sparse vegetation

Source http://www.uibk.ac.at/botany/units_research_groups/population_biology.html.en
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