1D profile of a cosmic volume from z=0 to z=1

1-dimensional profile of simulated fields for long beams through a simulated volume from z=0 to z=1. Each dataset is a column formatted file containing: a) x-position [kpc] b) gas density [g/cm^3] c) gas temperature [K] d) magnetic field, absolute value [G] all quantities are in physical units. The data are derived from a 200 Mpc simulation with ENZO-MHD, with a root grid of 2400^3 cells. 1000 indipendent line of sights have been generated from this dataset (combining the data from the z=0, z=0.5 and z=1.0 snapshots), each of which sample the cosmic volume from z=0 to z=1. More details can be found in http://cosmosimfrazza.myfreesites.net/radio-web and http://adsabs.harvard.edu/abs/2015arXiv150308983V

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