MFS II Joint Evaluations - Indonesia 2012-2014


This research is part of the joint MFS II evaluations of development interventions which involved 8 evaluations at country level, including Indonesia. MFS (Medefinancieringsstelsel) II is the 2011-2015 grant framework of the Netherlands for Co-Financing Agencies (CFAs), which is directed at achieving a sustainable reduction in poverty. The evaluations at country level are threefold: (1) to assess the effectiveness, efficiency and relevance of development interventions funded by MFS II; (2) to develop and apply innovative methodologies for the evaluations of development interventions; and (3) to provide justified recommendations that enable Dutch CFAs and/or their Southern partners to draw lessons for future development interventions.

For Indonesia, the study comprised of 12 project evaluations, covering the topics of reforestation, poverty alleviation, empowering indigenous communities, sexual education and assisting victims of gender based violence. The evaluation focuses on changes between 2012 and 2014 under each relevant Millennium Development Goal. The data includes a baseline (2012) and an endline (2014) dataset for each project.

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