Lithium-ion Battery INR18650 MJ1 Data: 400 Electrochemical Cycles (EIL-015)


Electrochemical cycling data on an 18650 Li-ion Battery with Nickel-Rich NMC811 Cathode and Graphite-Silicon AnodeAchieved using a Maccor 4200 (Maccor Inc. U.S.A.). Charging at a constant current of 1.5 A until 4.2 VThen the voltage was held until the current reached 100 mA. Discharging was performed at 4.0 A to 2.5 V. This protocol was followed for 400 cycles. All cycling was performed within an environmental chamber set to 24 °C.

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Creator Heenan, Thomas; Jnawali, Anmol; Kok, Matt; Tranter, Thomas; Tan, Chun; Dimitrijevic, Alexander; Jervis, Rhodri; Brett, Dan; Shearing, Paul
Publisher University College London UCL
Contributor Figshare
Publication Year 2020
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Discipline Chemistry