Peat profiles of Lake Faulersee, supplement to: Röhrig, Rüdiger; Beug, Hans-Jürgen; Trettin, Rolf; Morgenstern, Peter (2004): Subfossil chironomid assemblages as paleoenvironmental indicators in Lake Fauler See (Germany). Studia Quaternaria, 21, 117-127


Remains of chironomid larvae from cores of the ancient Lake Faulersee in northern Germany were examined. Pollen, radiocarbon datings, and geochemical data were used to develop the chronology of the Late-Glacial Period in Lake Faulersee and to validate interpretations made by chironomid data. Factors influencing the composition of the subfossil chironomid assemblages were assessed. Our data indicate fluctuations of temperature, lake-level, and trophic state in the Late-Glacial. Furthermore, we explain a discontinuous sequence found in the cores of Lake Faulersee pertaining to a refilling event about 5,800 cal years before present (BP).

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Creator Röhrig, Rüdiger; Beug, Hans-Jürgen; Trettin, Rolf; Morgenstern, Peter
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