Experimenteel onderzoek m.b.t. een tweetal varianten van een open school radio-programma 1981 Radio programs from open school 1981

To find out the best presentation of the "Open School" lessons Interview in connection with different versions of radio program on economic cuts / perceived economic problems / proposed governmental problems / interest in radio program / understanding of various aspects of program / shortage in national budget / budget shortage, taxes, cash limits, salaries, loan, etc. / consequences / role of economists, parliament, government in these plans / meaning of compensation for rise in prices, purchase power / estimate of decrease in purchase power / reading weekly papers. Background variables: basic characteristics/ residence/ housing situation/ household characteristics/ occupation/employment/ education/ consumption of durables/ readership, mass media, and 'cultural' exposure

DOI https://doi.org/10.17026/dans-x44-akme
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Publication Year 2007
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