(Table, Appendix C) Metal content of nodules at Sea Scope stations based upon XRF analyses at the Ore Microscopy Laboratory, Washington State Unicersity, USA, supplement to: Fewkes, Ronald H; McFarland, William Douglas; Sorem, Ronald K (1981): Manganese nodule resource data, Sea Scope Expedition: final report. U.S. Bureau of Mines Open File Report, Dept. of Geology, Washington State University, Pullman, Washington, U.S.A., 144, 230 pp

New information on possible resource value of sea floor manganese nodule deposits in the eastern north Pacific has been obtained by a study of records and collections of the 1972 Sea Scope Expedition. Nodule abundance (percent of sea floor covered) varies greatly, according to photographs from eight stations and data from other sources. All estimates considered reliable are plotted on a map of the region. Similar maps show the average content of Ni, Cu, Mn and Co at 89 stations from which three or more nodules were analyzed. Variations in nodule metal content at each station are shown graphically in an appendix, where data on nodule sizes are also given. Results of new analyses of 420 nodules from 93 stations for mn, fe, ni, cu, CO, and zn are listed in another appendix. Relatively high Ni + Cu content is restricted chiefly to four groups of stations in the equatorial region, where group averages are 1.86, 1.99, 2.47, and 2.55 weight-percent. Prepared for United States Department of the Interior, Bureau of Mines. Grant no. GO284008-02-MAS. - NTIS PB82-142571.

Several nodules were analysed for each station. Nodules were reduced to powder and dried for 4 hours at 110°C.

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