Surface hydrology characterization at western flank of Sicily Channel during the last 15 kyr BP, through planktic foraminifera ecology, stable oxygen isotopes and elemental geochemical measurements


In this study, we present a new detailed characterization of past surface hydrography in the western edge of the Sicily channel in order to identify potential variations in the water exchange between the western and eastern Mediterranean sub-basins through the Sicily channel. For this purpose, we use a sediment core currently located in the main pathway of the Modified Atlantic Surface Water (MAW) towards the Strait of Sicily. Here we present a multi-proxy approach combining planktic foraminifera ecology with δ18O records of Globigerina bulloides as well as Globigerinoides ruber and with elemental geochemical measurements as Ti/Al, K/Al, Ba/Ti.

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Creator Trias-Navarro, Sergio; de la Fuente, Maria; Pena, Leopoldo D; Frigola, Jaime; Caruso, Antonio; Cacho, Isabel; Lirer, Fabrizio
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Publication Year 2022
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