Chemical composition of bottom waters and interstitial waters from sediments and deposits within and outside the Haakon Mosby submarine mud volcano in the Norwegian Sea, supplement to: Pavlova, Galina A (2005): Formation of the principal saline composition of the interstitial waters of the submarine mud volcano sediments in the Norwegian Sea. Translated from Okeanologiya, 2005, 45(1), 57-68, Oceanology, 45(1), 50-61


On the base of data of Cruise 40 of R/V Akademik Keldysh features of formation of saline composition of interstitial waters from sediments containing free hydrocarbons (methane) and gas hydrates (CH4 x 6H2O) were considered. Chemical composition of the interstitial waters is presented for three zones of sediments from the Haakon Mosby submarine mud volcano: (1) zone of kettles containing free hydrocarbons, (2) gas hydrate sediments, and (3) periphery of the volcano. Abnormally high concentrations of bromine and especially iodine characteristic of the interstitial and particularly of the oil-field waters were found. Because of a great interest in natural gas hydrates found in marine sediments, we obtained a possibility to supplement scarce of available published data with some new information.

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