(Table 1, pages 646) Uranium, thorium and protactinium analyses of selected manganese nodules from the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, supplement to: Sackett, William M (1966): Manganese Nodules: Thorium-230: Protactinium-231 Ratios. Science, 154(3749), 646-647


The Th230/Pa231 activity ratio in 7 of 11 manganese nodules is less than 10.8, the theoretical production ratio of activities in the ocean. This finding indicates difierential accumulation of these nuclides in authigenic deposits of manganese-iron oxide.

The analytical procedures for carrier-free separation of uranium, thorium, and protactinium from manganese nodules make use of 232U, 234Th, and 233Pa tracers to monitor yield. Extraction of proactinium uses diisobutyl carbinol extraction and that of uranium and thorium is perforemed using cation exchange techniques.

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