COVID-19 RUMOR: a classified dataset of COVID-19 related online rumors in Brazilian Portuguese

The dataset is composed of rumors and non-rumors related to COVID-19 collected from three different online sources: (a) the Brazilian Ministry of Health official website, (b) a journalistic initiative named focused on debunking online rumors, including COVID-19, and (c) the O Globo news that provides a special track to follow rumors about COVID-19.

The Brazilian Ministry of Health dataset ( is composed of 79 rumors and 05 non-rumors texts classified by the own Brazilian government; the dataset ( is composed of 951 rumors classified and debunked by a team of journalists; and the O Globoc dataset ( is composed of 261 rumors and 03 non-rumors also classified by journalists. In total, the COVID-19 RUMOR dataset has 1291 rumors and 08 non-rumors.

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Contributor Patricia Takako Endo
Publication Year 2020
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