Criminal justice in Leiden, 1533-1838 Criminaliteit in Leiden, 1533-1838

This dataset contains three files on criminals and crimes in Leiden during the 1533-1838 period. Personal data of criminals and data on the type of offences and judgements provide a view of criminal justice in Leiden during that period. The file 'Criminal justice in Leiden, 1533-1811' is based on the book of H.M. van den Heuvel, 'De Criminele Vonnisboeken van Leiden, 1533-1811'. Originally the data in the files 'Rechtbank van Eerste Aanleg' and 'Hof van Assissen' data was subdivided in a number of subfiles, according to the number of parts of the source. In 'Rechtbank van Eerste Aanleg' the information was divided in eighteen parts (the eighteen volumes of the source) and in 'Hof van Assissen' there were two times 49 files (one for data on criminals and one for data on the crimes and judgments. After reorganisation there are now only two files: 'Rechtbank van Eerste Aanleg'(F02) and 'Hof van Assissen'(F03).

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