NIPO weekpeilingen 1970 NIPO opinion polls 1970

Data derived from weekly public opinion polls in the Netherlands in 1970 concerning social and political issues. Samples were drawn from the Dutch population aged 18 years and older.

All data from the surveys held between 1962 and 2000 are available in the DANS data collections.

Background variables: Sex / age / religion / income / vote recall latest elections / party preference / level of education / union membership / professional status / left-right rating / party alignment / province / degree of urbanization / weight factor.

Topical variables: n7002: Broadcasting corporations having the best radio and TV program / Sympathy for particular broadcasting corporation / Having a subscription to a radio and TV guide. n7010: Opinions on reasons for a divorce / Adaptation of divorce legislation. n7011: Attitude towards recognition of the German Democratic Republic / Objectionable sex in cinema, on stage, on TV, in magazines / Preferred age for sex education / Sex education at primary schools and nursery schools / Prohibition on the selling of pornographic reading matter, for adults as well as minors. n7012: Should the government stay until the 1971 parliamentary elections / Extension of the suffrage to 18 years / Women liberation action group . n7013: Rain of titles on the Queen's birthday / Special liberation silver coin / Combination of political parties at parliamentary elections . n7017: Housing need problems in general / Respondent's housing need problems / Respondent's housing situation. n7019: Intermarriage Catholics and Protestants / Quality education by parents past and present / Members of family having beard, moustache, whiskers. n7022: Knowing specific political leaders / Confidence specific political leaders. n7023: Religious questions like belief in God, devil, heaven, hell, purgatory, life after death / Should the government stay until the 1971 parliamentary elections / Preferred politicians in next government / Preference for continuation of the present government after the elections. n7025: Whether there's racial discrimination in the Netherlands / Minimum and maximum speed limits for cars / Most admired living person . n7026: Extent of difference between progressiveness and conservatism / Progressiveness and conservatism of political parties / self rating concerning progressiveness and conservatism / Definition of progressive - and conservative politics. n7027: Knowledge of and sympathy for football clubs / Planned visits to football matches / Watching football matches on television / Reading about football matches in Monday newspapers / Biased commentaries on political, social and economic events at television and in newspapers. n7028: Belief in palm reading, astrology, clairvoyance, casting horoscopes / Successful people/ luck or abilities / Whether military expenditures should be raised or not. n7036: Visit of the Indonesian president Suharto. n7038: The queen's speech at the opening of the parliamentary year / Government budget-policy / When and where respondent spent holidays, in the Netherlands or abroad. n7039: Whether the United Nations Organization should become a more powerful organization / Constitution of a United Nations Organization peace army of 100.000 soldiers. n7042: Alliance of two Christian political parties in one Christian political party / Alliance of three Christian political parties into one political party. n7043: See file Standard_and_topical_variables_N704243.pdf n7046: Computer registration of individuals. n7052: Christmas celebration/ having a Christmas tree, church-attendance at Christmas night / Expectations concerning income in 1971 / Respondent's present income compared with income in last year / Cash limit strike initiated by the unions / Recent income measures by the government.

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