Yellow-billed Loon Surveys in the Northeast National Petroleum Reserve, Alaska

One aerial survey for nesting Yellow-billed Loons and 1 for brood-rearing loons have been conducted on the Colville Delta for 17 years since 1993, including 2011. Surveys were not conducted in 1994 and 1999. The CD North and CD South subareas were surveyed in each of the 17 survey years and part of the Northeast Delta subarea was surveyed in all survey years except 2000. The number of lakes surveyed increased between 1993 and 2011 because of a small expansion in the study area in 2002 to include the lakes between the NPRA eastern boundary and the Nechelik Channel, and because the minimum size of lakes surveyed in 2008 was reduced from 10 ha to 5 ha. In 2011, a total of 169 lakes were surveyed on 20-22 June and 15 August on the Colville Delta for nesting and brood-rearing Yellow-billed Loons. The total numbers of adults, nests, broods, and young counted on aerial surveys were summarized for each species of loon. Densities of adults, nests, and broods were calculated only for Yellow-billed Loons because Pacific and Red-throated loons commonly nest on lakes <5 ha in size and only a subset of lakes that size were included in the survey.

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