(Table) Argon isotope ratios and argon ages of rocks obtained from the Chernorud zone, western Baikal area, supplement to: Travin, A V; Yudin, D S; Vladimirov, A G; Khromykh, S V; Volkova, N I; Mekhonoshin, A S; Kolotilina, T B (2009): Thermochronology of the Chernorud granulite zone, Ol'khon Region, western Baikal area. Geochemistry International, 47(11), 1107-1124


Structural-petrologic and isotopic-geochronologic data on magmatic, metamorphic, and metasomatic rocks from the Chernorud zone were used to reproduce the multistage history of their exhumation to upper crustal levels. The process is subdivided into four discrete stages, which corresponded to metamorphism to the granulite facies (500-490 Ma), metamorphism to the amphibolite facies (470-460 Ma), metamorphism to at least the epidote-amphibolite facies (440-430 Ma), and postmetamorphic events (410-400 Ma). The earliest two stages likely corresponded to the tectonic stacking of the backarc basin in response to the collision of the Siberian continent with the Eravninskaya island arc or the Barguzin microcontinent, a process that ended with the extensive generation of synmetamorphic granites. During the third and fourth stages, the granulites of the Chernorud nappe were successively exposed during intense tectonic motions along large deformation zones (Primorskii fault, collision lineament, and Orso Complex).

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