JHK observation of 75 OB stars in Cyg OB2 (Caballero-Nieves+, 2020)

We were able to observe 74 of the brightest O- and B-type stars in Cyg OB2 and one misidentified nonmember using the infrared ALTtitude conjugate Adaptive optics for the InfraRed (ALTAIR) Adaptative Optic (AO) system at the Gemini North Observatory. Our observations were made in three queue observing programs at the 8.1m Gemini North Observatory during the 2005B, 2008A, and 2008B observing semesters. Using the Near-Infrared Imager (NIRI) with the ALTAIR AO system, we collected high-resolution images. For these observations, NIRI was held fixed and the exposure times for each frame ranged between 0.02s and 800s in K and between 0.1s and 1869s in J, depending of the brightness of the target star in each band in order to reach about half of the full well depth of the detector and achieve uniform signal-to-noise ratio (S/N) measurements of the target stars.

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