Historical benthos data from the Pre-deltaic Romanian Black Sea Coast in 1960

The dataset comprises data on the substrate type, temperature, salinity and benthos from 58 samples colected in Danube front area in the period March 1960 - July 1960, (Sulina-Portita sector, Romanian Black Sea Coast). The sediment samples were taken with a Van-Veen grab, the sampling size is was - 0.1 m2. The samples have been preserved with 10% buffered formalin, then sieved through a 2 mm, 0.25 mm and 0.10 mm mesh sieve and subsequently stored in 70% ethanol. The database comprises taxonomic and quantitative data (individuals count, density and wet weight biomass per square meter) for 95 macrobenthic species and 10 supraspecific groups.

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Publication Year 2022
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Spatial Coverage (29.067W, 44.083S, 29.950E, 45.150N)
Temporal Point 1960-01-01T00:00:00Z