Ice Monitoring : Hourly pictures of landfast sea ice from Deception Bay (Nunavik, Canada) (2015 - 2020)

A network of five (5) time-lapse cameras was deployed on the Deception Bay (Nunavik, Canada) shores in September 2015. These cameras take hourly pictures in the daytime, and their combined fields of view cover the entire bay. The pictures are in JPEG format. Different brands of cameras are being tested : Reconyx, Browning, Panasonic and Spypoint. The Panasonic camera pictures are available in real-time since this camera is connected to Raglan Mine’s infrastructure in Deception Bay.

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Creator Poulin, Jimmy;Bernier, Monique;Gilbert, Véronique;Rouleau, Amélie;Gauthier, Yves
Publisher Canadian Cryospheric Information Network
Contributor INRS
Publication Year 2017
Rights Limited
Language English
Discipline Environmental Research
Spatial Coverage (62N-62N,75W-74W)
Temporal Coverage Begin 2015-09-08T11:59:59Z
Temporal Coverage End 9999-12-31T11:59:59Z