Description of the Team 2008. Archaeological research on Drayton Island

In coastal Nunavik, Thule Inuit winter sites are almost exclusively located on islands, while sites occupied in other seasons are located primarily on the mainland. However, the time depth of this dual procurement pattern has not yet been explored. This project will seek to determine whether this pattern was in effect during the Thule period, through canoe-based survey, site mapping, excavation of houses and middens, and analyses of artifact and zooarchaeological assemblages in two regions of Nunavik: the region near Inukjuak on eastern Hudson Bay, and the Ivujivik-Salluit area in northwestern Nunavik. In summers 2007 and 2008, the Avataq Cultural Institute worked on the archaeological research on the Hopewell Islands close to the community of Inukjuak. The dataset includes a comparison of the geomorphological and archaeological data to study the evolution of housing in the region, as well as traditional knowledge by conducting many interviews with local elders. Geomorphology data and a records of wood species and dendrochronology were also collected. The project is coordinated by Avataq Cultural Institute, the cultural arm of the Nunavik Inuit Association. Thanks to students: Allie Aculiak, Bobby Angnatuk, Moses Idlout, Natalie Echalook, Monica Echalook, Bobby Elijassiapik, Alec Epoo, Pamela Inukpuk, Sarah Iqalluk, Matiusi Kasudluak, Megan Kasudluak, Tonya Moreau, Eva Nowra and Paulo Palliser. Also thanks to Nally Weetaluktuk, Andrew Epoo, Simeonie, Alicie and Andy Naluktuk.

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