Ichthyoplankton composition from MCT-II cruise, Southern Brazilian Shelf, in 2010-2011


The MCT-II series is the field component of the project "A Dinâmica das Frentes da Plataforma e Talude Superior no Sul e Sudeste do Brasil e sua Influência nos Fluxos de Carbono entre Oceano e Atmosfera (CO2 SSE)". The cruise was composed of two legs: the first, from December 6 to 22, 2010 between Chuí and Rio de Janeiro; and, the second from January 4 to 11, 2011 between Cabo de São Tomé and Cabo Frio (Ito et al., 2016). A total of 17 transects perpendicular to the coast were carried out on board the Research Vessel (NHo.) Cruzeiro do Sul from the Brazilian Navy (Departamento de Hidrografia e Navegação, DHN) totaling 112 oceanographic stations (Macedo-Soares et al., 2014).Ichthyoplankton samples were obtained through integrated vertical trawls conducted at the stern of the ship, at a speed of approximately 1 m s-1 (2 knots), from the depth of the fluorescence maxima to the surface at deep stations, between the surface and 10 m from the bottom in shallow water stations (up to 20 m) or 10 m above the bottom in stations where the water column was homogeneous (Macedo-Soares et al., 2014). The trawls were made with a conical-cylindrical net (WP-2) with 0.5 m of mouth diameter, 200 μm of mesh opening, equipped with a flowmeter to determine the volume of filtered water in each trawl. The samples were fixed and preserved in formaldehyde solution, buffered with sodium tetraborate, diluted in sea water with a final approximate concentration of 4%. The filtered volume was calculated and used to standardize the abundance of fish eggs and larvae per 100 m3 of filtered water (Macedo-Soares et al., 2014).CORRECTION applied on 2020-07-17: Station MCT-II_74 on 2011-01-06T21:50 the water temperatures were corrected from 53.0°C to 26.6 °C and the salinity was corrected from 73.3 to 36.5.

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