Average contents of chemical elements in different types of hydrothermal manifestations within 16°38'N hydrothermal field, MAR, supplement to: Bel'tenev, V E; Shagin, Alexander A; Markov, V F; Rozhdestvenskaya, I I; Lazareva, L I; Fedorov, I P; Cherkashov, Georgy A; Stepanova, Tamara V; Poroshina, Irina M; Shilov, V V (2006): New hydrothermal ore field at 16°38'N of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. Translated from Doklady Akademii Nauk, Ser. Geol., 2006, 408(4), 495-499, Doklady Earth Sciences, 408(4), 530-534


An additional ore field in the central part of the MARhas been discovered. Together with previously discovered Logachev (14°45'N) and Ashadze (12°58'N) ore fields, the new ore field constitutes a cluster with preliminarily estimated total ore reserve of >10 Mt, which is comparable with large continental massive sulfide deposits.

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Creator Shilov, V V;Lazareva, L I;Rozhdestvenskaya, I I;Shagin, Alexander A;Cherkashov, Georgy A;Bel'tenev, V E;Fedorov, I P;Markov, V F;Poroshina, Irina M;Stepanova, Tamara V
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