Merchants from the Southern Netherlands and the rise of the Amsterdam staple market (1578-1630) Zuid-Nederlandse kooplieden en de opkomst van de Amsterdamse stapelmarkt (1578-1630)


Historical sources, like the Poortersboeken Amsterdam, two tax registers, Notarieel Archief and VOC/WIC-archives have been used in order to create a dataset on 16th and 17th century Amsterdam merchants. Selection and clustering resulted in a subset of merchants originating from the Southern Low Countries. To these three more database-tables, offering information on the social-religious context of the individual merchants, have been added: files F03, F04 and F10. Synthesis of the data in the key-database Prosopography Amsterdam (F06). Data-gathering and selection procedures have been explicitated in Gelderblom's thesis (see in Relation).

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