Population census of the Netherlands, 1795 : General population in the Batavian Republic Volkstellinge in de Nederlandsche Republiek, 1795 : Generaale volksmeenigte in de Bataafsche Republiek

The dataset is based on the population census of the Netherlands in 1795.
Content: images of the publications, excel files with data entered from the published tables and a searchable pdf files of the text sections.

DOI https://doi.org/10.17026/dans-zge-xbkf
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Contributor Doorn (research initiator), P.K.; Doorn, P.K.; P.K. Doorn, NIWI-KNAW (research initiator); P.K. Doorn, NIWI-KNAW (data collector); NIWI-KNAW (NHDA) (data collector)
Publication Year 2009
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Language Dutch; Flemish
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Spatial Coverage Netherlands; Dutch Republic; Netherlands; Noord-Holland, Zuid-Holland and parts of Noord-Brabant