LiDAR Topographic Surface Measurements in Dease Strait: 2014

A non-invasive slightly rough first-year sea ice sampling site was set up for modelling surface topography. Foot and snowmobile traffic was limited in the area surrounding the site. Three platforms were frozen into the ice at locations that created the least amount of shadowing (data gaps) with LiDAR data collection. Three High Definition Surveying (HDS) targets were frozen on tripods into the ice at locations that could be acquired with each scan. Physical sampling took place in an undisturbed area adjacent to each platform, and snow and ice thickness transects were collected in various areas outside the non-invasive sampling site (within 500 metres). On the last day of data collection the site was sampled invasively in order to measure ice and snow thickness throughout the site. The data collected in May of 2014 in Dease Strait is still currently being processed. All of the LiDAR scans were registered in order to create three-dimensional models with limited shadowing (gaps in the data). These models have all been cleaned up (bad data points removed (i.e. precipitation)), and some post-processing for analysis has been completed.

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Creator Iacozza, John;Barber, David;Shields, Megan
Publisher Canadian Cryospheric Information Network
Contributor University of Manitoba
Publication Year 2015
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Spatial Coverage (69N,108W)
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