XTE All-Sky Slew Survey AGN Catalog

This table contains the RXTE All-Sky Slew Survey Catalog of AGN and AGN candidates. The catalog authors compiled a sample of 95 AGNs which were serendipitously detected in the 3-20 keV band at Galactic latitude |b| > 10 degrees during the RXTE Slew Survey (XSS, Revnivtsev et al., CDS Cat. <J/A+A/418/927>), and utilized it to study the statistical properties of the local population of AGN, including the X-ray luminosity function and absorption distribution. They find that among low X-ray luminosity (L<sub>X</sub> < 10<sup>43.5</sup> erg/s) AGN, the ratio of absorbed (characterized by intrinsic absorption in the range 10<sup>22</sup> cm<sup>-2</sup> < N<sub>H</sub> < 10<sup>24</sup> cm<sup>-2</sup>) and unabsorbed (N<sub>H</sub> < 10<sup>22</sup> cm<sup>-2</sup>) objects is 2:1, while this ratio drops to less than 1:5 for higher luminosity AGN. The summed X-ray output of AGN with L<sub>X</sub> > 10<sup>41</sup> erg/s estimated here is smaller than the earlier estimated total X-ray volume emissivity in the local Universe, suggesting that a comparable X-ray flux may be produced together by lower luminosity AGN, non-active galaxies and clusters of galaxies. The authors also presented a sample of 35 AGN candidates, composed of unidentified XSS sources. Most of these AGN belong to the local population (z < 0.1). For each confirmed AGN source, the following information is provided: AGN class, the count rate in two energy bands (3-8 keV and 8-20 keV), the observed and intrinsic (absorption-corrected) luminosity in the 3 - 20keV band, and the intrinsic absorption column density. For the AGN candidates, composed of unidentified XSS sources, the following information is provided: the count rate in two energy bands (3-8 keV and 8-20 keV), the estimated intrinsic absorption column density, and information about RASS Bright Source Catalog and HEAO A-1 X-ray source counterparts.

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