"My Word": Storytelling and Digital Media Lab Stories

The communities of Nunatsiavut are experiencing transformations from climatic and environmental change. These alterations in weather, temperature, snow and ice patterns, and wildlife and vegetation are impacting Canada's Inuit populations, and negatively impacting their abilities to hunt, fish, forage, trap, and travel on the land. These climatic and environmental changes are also negatively affecting physical, mental, and emotional health and well-being, as land-based lifestyles and socio-cultural structures are also being disrupted. Inuit communities have been subject to much climate-related research in the past decade, and there is a wide recognition that this research needs to be community-driven, community-directed, and participatory, ensuring that Inuit are leading the process and enhancing and expanding community research capacities. Recognizing this dual need for locally-appropriate and culturally-relevant adaptation strategies and the development of research capacities in the community, in 2009 the Rigolet Inuit Government in Rigolet, Nunatsiavut, Labrador undertook an innovative plan to develop the first Inuit-run centre dedicated to digital media and research. Since its inception, the "My Word": Storytelling and Digital Media Lab has developed expertise in numerous areas: facilitating digital storytelling and PhotoVoice workshops; designing and developing research plans; conducting interviews and surveys; filming, editing, and producing videos; consulting with multiple stakeholders for research and adaptation goals and strategies; disseminating information through print and digital media; and presenting at national and international conferences. The "My Word" Lab also has also developed particular research capacities for climate-health research and health adaptation strategies. This poster will explain the evolution of the "My Word": Storytelling and Digital Media Lab, and discuss the opportunities and challenges in setting up a research and capacity-development organization such as this. Details will also be shared about the specific services offered by the "My Word" Lab, and the future directions and visions for the organization.

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