(Fig 3, page 49) Variations with depth of the SMOW Relative Deuterium/Hydrogen Ratio (DeltaD) values of Pacific Ocean manganese deposits, supplement to: Hariya, Yu; Tsutsumi, Makoto (1981): Hydrogen-isotopic composition of some hydrous manganese minerals. Chemical Geology, 34(1-2), 43-52


Initial data on the hydrogen-isotopic compositions in hydrous Mn minerals from various occurrences fall in a wide range from -298 to -84 per mil, relative to SMOW. DeltaD-values of todorokite and cryptomelane from Tertiary deposits show -89 and -150 per mil. 10 Angström-manganite and Delta-MnO2 from deep-sea nodules have relatively restricted DeltaD-values ranging from -96 to -84 per mil. The DeltaD-values for manganese bog ores from recent hot springs show almost -105 per mil. It is recognized that the isotopic values obtained for the deep-sea nodules and recent bog ores are slightly different ranged. Manganite and groutite are unique in their hydrogen-isotopic compositions, having the most depleted DeltaD-values ranging from -298 to -236 per mil. MnO(OH) minerals are more deuterium-depleted hydrous minerals than any other hydrothermal minerals from various ore deposits. Hydrogen-isotope fractionation factors between manganite and water were experimentally determined to be 0.7894, 0.7958 and 0.8078 at 150°, 200° and 250°C, respectively. the present experimental results indicate that if manganites were formed at temperatures below 250°C, under isotopic equilibrium conditions, most of the manganite mineralization in the Tertiary manganese deposits must have precipitated from meteoric hydrothermal solutions.

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