Geophysical logging on sediment core and hole CRP-3 from the Ross Sea, Antarctica, supplement to: Bücker, Christian J; Jarrard, Richard D; Wonik, Thomas (2001): Downhole temperature, radiogenic heat production, and heat flow from the CRP-3 drillhole, Victoria Land Basin, Antarctica. Terra Antartica, 8(3), 151-160


Cape Roberts drillhole CRP-3 in the northern part of McMurdo Sound (Ross Sea, Antarctica) targeted the western margin of the Victoria Land basin to investigate Neogene to Palaeogene climatic and tectonic history by obtaining continuous core and downhole logs (Cape Roberts Science Team, 2000). The CRP-3 drillhole extended to 939.42 mbsf (meters below seafloor) at a water depth of 297 m. The first downhole measurements after drilling were the temperature and salinity logs. Both were measured at the beginning and at the end of each of the three logging phases. Although an equilibrium temperature state may not have been fully reached after drilling, the temperature and salinity profiles seem to be scarcely disturbed. The average overall temperature gradient calculated from all temperature measurements is 28.5 K/km; remarkably lower than the temperature gradients found in other boreholes in the western Ross See and the Transantarctic Mountains.

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