Trace elements in recent ans glacial sediments of the North Atlantic, supplement to: Willamowski, Claudia (1999): Verteilungsmuster von Spurenmetallen im glazialen Nordatlantik: Rekonstruktion der Nährstoffbilanz anhand von Cadmiumkonzentrationen in kalkschaligen Foraminiferen. GEOMAR Report, 79, 107 pp


Benthic Cd/Ca and d13C-records along sediment cores from the northern North Atlantic and the Portuguese and Moroccan continental margins are used to trace water mass distribution patterns during the last glacial with special emphasis on glacial meltwater events (,Heinrich' events). Along the western Iberian continental margin andin the Gulf of Cadiz, water column profiles of cadmium, calcium and phosphate are combined to retrieve a regional Cd:P-correlation which represents tracer patterns in Mediterranean Outflow Water (MOW). Benthic Cd/Ca-ratios of surface-sediment samples are used to determine modern distribution coefficients ((Cd/Ca)foraminifera:(Cd/Ca)sea water) which, in turn, are used to infer water column paleo-cadmium (Cdw) concentrations from Cd/Ca-ratios of glacial-time benthic foraminifera.

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