Pollen record and dating of a sediment profile from Ücker Valley in Germany, supplement to: Jahns, Susanne (2001): On the Holocene and Late Glacial vegetation history of Ücker valley, northeastern Germany. Vegetation History and Archaeobotany, 10(2), 97-104


A high-resolution Late Pleistocene and Middle to Late Holocene pollen profile of regional significance is presented. The coring site is located in a mire between two lakes. Ober- and Unter-Ückersee, in Brandenburg, north-eastern Germany. The study was carried out in an archaeological context. It provides information about the history of vegetation, climate and human impact in the Ücker river valley and the surrounding hills, the Uckermärker Hügelland. Hence, it is an important contribution for the reconstruction of the past vegetation of this area of Brandenburg. Seven AMS 14C-dates based on pollen concentrates provide a chronology for the middle Holocene part of the profile. Phases of intensive human activity can be shown from the middle Neolithic times until the Roman Iron Age.

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