Organic carbon and carbohydrates in waters of the Amazon River, Atlantic Ocean, and Tropical Indian Ocean, supplement to: Lazareva, E V; Romankevich, Evgeny A (2012): Carbohydrates as indicators of biogeochemical processes. Translated from Okeanologiya, 2012, 52(3), 362-371, Oceanology, 52(3), 335-344


A method is presented to study carbohydrate composition of marine objects involved into sedimento- and diagenesis (plankton, particulate matter, benthos, and bottom sediments). Analysis of the carbohydrates is based on consecutive separation of their fractions with different solvents (water, alkali, and acid). Ratios of carbohydrate fractions allows to evaluate lability of carbohydrate complexes. They are also usable as an indicators of biogeochemical processes in the ocean, as well of genesis and degree of transformation of organic matter in bottom sediments and nodules. Similarity in monosaccharide composition is shown for dissolved organic matter and aqueous and alkaline fractions of seston and particulate matter.

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