Age model of sediment core MD95-2010


The AMS age from level 903-904 cm cannot directly be transelated into cal. yr as this age is beyond the valid range of the calibration equation of Bard et al. 1991. While using Laj et al. (1990) comparison of deviation of radiocarbon ages from cal. yr. ages based on reconstructions of Earth's magnetics field strength, it is suggested that 14C ages in the range of 45-50 kyr should be corrected by 0-1 kyr. We have not used this point in the age model due to the uncertainties in how to correct this age. By using a linear sedimentation rate between the last AMS 14C age and the isotope stage 4.0, this level came up with an age of 45 kyr. The age of ash layer II in MD95-2010 is in GISP2 ice core is about 53kyr. This is in close agreement with the age we get from linear interpolation (=52.9kyr). The last fix point used in our age model is corresponding to marine isotope event 4.0 = 59kyr in SPECMAP (Martinson et al. 1989).

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