CORA, Coriolis Ocean Dataset for Reanalysis

The COriolis Ocean Dataset for Reanalysis (hereafter CORA) product is a global dataset of in situ temperature and salinity measurements. The version 5.0 of the product covers the period 1950-2016. The CORA observations comes from many different sources collected by Coriolis data centre in collaboration with the In Situ Thematic Centre of the Copernicus Marine Service (CMEMS INSTAC).  The observation integrated in the Cora product have been acquired both by autonomous platforms (Argo profilers, fixed moorings , gliders , drifters, sea mammals) , research or opportunity vessels (CTDs, XBTs, ferrybox).  From the near real time CMEMS In Situ Thematic Centre product validated on a daily and weekly basis for forecasting purposes, a scientifically validated product is created. It s a "reference product" updated on a yearly basis since 2007. This product has been controlled using an objective analysis (statistical tests) method and a visual quality control (QC). This QC procedure has been developed with the main objective to improve the quality of the dataset to the level required by the climate application and the physical ocean re-analysis activities. It provides T and S weekly gridded fields and individual profiles both on their original level with QC flags and interpolated level. The measured parameters, depending on the data source, are : temperature, salinity. The reference level of measurements is immersion (in meters) or pressure (in decibars).  The main new features of CORA 5.0 version is the incorporation of profiles and time series measured during  2015 and the addition of over 1 million historical profiles extracted from the EN.4 global T&S dataset, mostly from the period 1950s-1990s. The main new features of CORA 5.1 version is the incorporation of profiles and time series measured during  2016. The CORA dataset is a yearly updated product. As a consequence, the updated profiles in the Coriolis database and the current year profiles are validated to update the CORA dataset and released in May.

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Creator Reverdin, Gilles;Pouliquen, Sylvie;Szekely, Tanguy;Gourrion, Jerome
Contact SEANOE
Discipline Not stated
PublicationYear 2016
Publisher SEANOE
Rights CC-BY
SpatialCoverage (90S-90N,180W-180E)
TemporalCoverage point in time : None