Dome C age scale EDC1 for ice core EDC99, supplement to: Schwander, Jakob; Jouzel, Jean; Hammer, C U; Petit, Jean-Robert; Udisti, Roberto; Wolff, Eric W (2001): A tentative chronology for the EPICA Dome Concordia ice core. Geophysical Research Letters, 28(22), 4243-4246


A tentative age scale (EDC1) for the last 45 kyr is established for the new 788 m EPICA Dome C ice core using a simple ice flow model. The age of volcanic eruptions, the end of the Younger Dryas event, and the estimated depth and age of elevated 10Be, about 41 kyr ago were used to calibrate the model parameters. The uncertainty of EDC1 is estimated to ±10 yr for 0 to 700 yr BP, up to ±200 yr back to 10 kyr BP, and up to ±2 kyr back to 41 kyr BP. The age of the air in the bubbles is calculated with a firn densification model. In the Holocene the air is about 2000 yr younger than the ice and about 5500 yr during the last glacial maximum. Like the first tentative age scale (29. 4. 1999, adopted May 1999 at Utrecht) the new EDC1 scale is based on a Dansgaard-Johnsen type [Dansgaard and Johnsen, 1969] ice flow model. Revisions/improvements of EDC1 compared to the Utrecht scale: extended deu.

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