Stable carbon isotope compositions and concentrations of biphytanes from IODP Hole 311-U1327C and 311-U1328B, supplement to: Kaneko, Masanori; Naraoka, Hiroshi; Takano, Yoshinori; Ohkouchi, Naohiko (2013): Distribution and isotopic signatures of archaeal lipid biomarkers associated with gas hydrate occurrences on the northern Cascadia Margin. Chemical Geology, 343, 76-84


We have investigated the distributions and carbon isotopic compositions of archaeal membrane lipids in gas-hydrate-bearing sediments collected from the northern Cascadia Margin offshore from Vancouver Island (Sites U1327 and U1328) by the R/V JOIDES Resolution during IODP Expedition 311. Archaeal lipid biomarkers, including glycerol dialkyl glycerol tetraethers (GDGTs), tend to become abundant below 100 mbsf (meters below sea floor). Tricyclic biphytane (BP[3]; which is a robust biomarker derived from GDGT), crenarchaeol, and other BPs exhibit d13C values of ca. -20 per mil, and become abundant between 130 and 230 mbsf at Site U1328. In this depth range, concentrations of ammonium and phosphate in interstitial waters also increase, suggesting that a larger population and higher activity of heterotrophic community consisting of crenarchaeota and other archaea decompose the sedimentary organic matter, thereby liberating ammonium and phosphate. Such crenarchaeotic activity can produce other metabolic products such as molecular hydrogen by fermentation of organic matter during diagenesis. Furthermore, near the organic matter decomposition zone (130 to 230 mbsf), a probable methanogen biomarker (13C-depleted BP[1] with d13C values as low as -48.8 per mil) becomes abundant, indicating that methanogens utilize these diagenetic products. The molecular and isotopic distributions of archaeal lipid biomarkers indicate that the archaeal community plays an important role in the biogeochemical cycles of deep-sea sediments, including both methanogenesis and nutrient recycling.

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