Vertical particle flux data in the Beaufort Sea: 2002-2019

Two to nine moorings carrying pre-programmed sequential sediment traps (at ~100 m and ~200 m depth) were deployed in the southeastern Beaufort Sea (Mackenzie Shelf and Amundsen Gulf) every year since 2002, except for 2013. Sediment traps were prepared following the JGOFS protocol (Knap et al., 1996). Sample cups were filled with filtered seawater (GFF 0.7µm) adjusted to 35 PSU with NaCl. Formalin was added as a preservative (5% v/v, sodium borate buffered). Mesozooplankton swimmers were removed from the samples with a 1-mm sieve and/or by hand-picking under a stereomicroscope. For most of the analyzed samples, Swimmers were identified to the lowest taxonomical level possible, as well as developmental stages in the case of copepods; and a known volume aliquot of the cup was also analyzed for phytoplankton abundance and diversity using inverted microscopy. Sediment trap sub-samples were filtered in triplicates through pre-weighted Whatman glass fibre filters (GFF 0.7µm, 25 mm, combusted 4h at 450°C) for the determination of total particulate matter (TPM), particulate organic carbon (POC) and particulate nitrogen (PN) fluxes. Filters were dried for 12 h at 60°C and weighted again for DW. After exposure for 12 hours to concentrated HCl fumes to remove the inorganic carbon fraction, samples were analyzed on a Perkin Elmer CHN 2400 Series II. Data have been partially published in peer-review journals.

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Creator Louis Fortier; Alexandre Forest; Catherine Lalande; Makoto Sampei; Ryosuke Makabe
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Spatial Coverage (-139.000W, 70.000S, -123.000E, 76.000N)
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