Snow water equivalent in central Yukon

Data consists of point measurements of snow depth, snow density and snowpack structure. From within the study area, a number of transect locations were identified to give a representative sample of terrain and land cover conditions. During the field campaign, as many of these transects as possible were visited. At each transect a number of sites were measured. Sites were separated by at least 125 meters to provide a measure of independance. Each site contains ~20 snow depth measurements. Every other site snow density was measured. Once per transect a snowpit was dug for density and structure. In addition, a series of snow depth measurements were made along each transect. Snow depth was measured with a Magnaprobe, a GPS enabled automatic depth measuring instrument. Sites and transects were located with handheld GPS units. Snow density was measured with a coring tube. Data is in two files, a comma separated file containing the magnaprobe readings, and an Excel spreadsheet with the density and pit data.

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Creator Richard Kelly;Andrew Kasurak
Publisher Canadian Cryospheric Information Network
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Publication Year 2013
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Spatial Coverage (60N-62N,137W-132W)
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