Limnological Survey of Freshwater Ponds and Lakes in Wapusk National Park, 2008

The objective of this work was to examine the ecological variability of lakes and ponds within Wapusk National Park (WNP) and the surrounding region and collect baseline information on the water chemistry, habitat characteristics and zooplankton communities. Fieldwork was conducted from July 21 to August 3, 2008, and was based at the Nestor One field camp within Wapusk National Park. 92 sites were sampled for water chemistry and zooplankton communities. Research sites were selected in an attempt to capture as much of the variability in pond ecosystems across the park and surrounding ecological context area. Sites were selected based on a tiered sampling approach, with three broad transects spanning each of the major landscape units within the park (spruce forest, interior peatland and coastal fen habitats). In addition to the transects, intensive areas were selected within each landscape unit where lakes that were located closer spatially were sampled (1 intensive area in the spruce forest, one in the coastal fen, and two sites in the interior peatlands).

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Spatial Coverage (-95.162W, 56.797S, -92.311E, 58.801N)
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