(Table 2) Concentrations of chemical elements in Fe-Mn material from island arcs in the West Pacific

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Creator Dubinin, Alexander V; Uspenskaya, Tatyana Y; Gavrilenko, Georgy M; Rashidov, V A
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Publication Year 2008
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Spatial Coverage (-178.438W, -35.230S, 107.575E, 47.510N); Nampo Island arc, Smith Pinnacles; Nampo Island arc, Sofu submarine volcanic group; South China Sea, Charlotte Bank; Mariana Island arc, Esmeralda submarine volcano; Nampo Island arc, rise between the Izu-Bonin trench and the Pacific ocean floor; Kuril Island arc, Shokalsky Ridge, seamount near the Urup Island; Kermadec Island arc, southeastern slope of the axial part of the Colvile Ridge; Kermadec Island arc, the Macauley submarine caldera; Kermadec Island arc, the Silent-1 submarine volcano; New Britain Island arc, Matupi Harbor, Rabaul Caldera; New Hebrides Island arc, Submarine volcano near the Epi Island; Kuril Island arc, Kraternaya Bay