Chemical and mineral composition of rocks from the Philippine Sea, supplement to: DM17 Scientific Team (1980): Geology of the Philippine Sea Floor. Moscow, Nauka Publ. (A.V. Peive, Ed.), 261 pp


The book is devoted to geology of the Philippine Sea floor. This region is studied most extensively among other marginal seas of the Pacific Ocean. Rocks of the sedimentary and basalt layers within this sea have been studied during five legs of D/S Glomar Challenger. International geological expedition on board R/V Dmitry Mendeleev carried out according to the Project ''Ophiolites of Continents and Comparable Rocks of the Ocean Floor''obtained unique collection of rocks from the second and third layers of the ocean crust in the Philippine Sea. The book provides detailed petrographic and geochemical description of igneous and sedimentary formations from the Philippine Sea and compares them with rocks of the continental ophiolite association. An analysis of structure and history of the ocean crust formation in the region is based on all known geological information. The main periods of tectonic movement activation and nature of their manifestations within the sea are shown.

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