Geochemistry of surface and groundwaters from lower Tom Basin wetland, western Siberia, supplement to: Shvartsev, Stepan L; Serebrennikova, Olga V; Zdvizhkov, M A; Savichev, O G; Naimushina, O S (2012): Geochemistry of wetland waters from the lower Tom Basin, southern Tomsk Oblast. Translated from Geokhimiya, 2012, 50(4), 403-417, Geochemistry International, 50(4), 367-380


New data are reported on the major- and trace-component compositions of acidic and weakly acidic low-concentration wetland waters and other water types. Special attention was given to dissolved organic compounds: fulvic and humic acids, bitumens, and hydrocarbons. The first comprehensive data are presented for organic trace components in the wetland waters of western Siberia: alkanes, pentacyclic terpenoids, steranes, alkylbenzenes, naphthalenes, phenanthrenes, tetraarenes, etc.

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Creator Savichev, O G;Zdvizhkov, M A;Naimushina, O S;Serebrennikova, Olga V;Shvartsev, Stepan L
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